On top of the world!

This panoramic view is taken from Stanfree wood (as we know it).

It sits upon an escarpment, a geological feature associated with rock formations of the Permian era (250 million years).

stanfree wood 4
Background: The magnesian limestone CaMg(CO3)2 is a soft sedimentary rock formed by deposits of dead sea creatures. Over millions of years, the inland seas evaporated leaving behind the plateaux we see today.

datauri-fileThis narrow magnesian limestone outcrop runs from Sunderland to the south of Nottingham (see the map to left).

We are sincerely blessed to be sharing this rolling platform edge with the historical fortress of Bolsover castle as well as the deep gorges of Creswell crags and beyond.
The rock is a fundamental basis to rich calcareous fertile soils which support productive pastures, arable farmland and species rich habitats we have around us today.


Over years, we have seen the changing landscape from this exact viewpoint. New housing, Markham Vale developments, solar farms and new road networks now feature in this dynamic landscape.

Further Reading

The Magnesian Limestone Area Action Plan can be downloaded here.


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