Stanfree Valley’s Eco-Friendly Christmas

We would like to wish all of our followers a Very Merry Christmas!
We also thought of some ideas which could make your Christmas an Eco-Friendly one.
Picture this. Practical gift ideas which literally don’t cost the earth.
Bamboo toothbrushes and related products, locally made cakes and snacks, beeswax candles (Ropers Honey is our local source), ethical chocolates, subscription to a local wildlife organisation or buying and planting a tree or shrub in someone’s name. The list goes on.
Some other ideas to consider;
1. Avoid use of plastic and wrap your presents the old-fashioned way. We bought a roll of brown parcel paper from the local post office and used some simple garden string to bind the paper. No sticky tape. The parcel paper is completely recyclable in contrast to shop bought wrapping paper.
2. Avoid buying shop bought wreaths and decorations and make your own. Be crafty and innovative. Use natural hedgerow and evergreen foliage. Wire wreath rings can be bought and reused every year. Just think of the money you can save!
3. Plan meals ahead, this will help prevent food waste.
4. Think about cutting down meat in your planning. Vegetarian options are a healthier and often tastier option.
5. Shop locally. This will help local businesses as well as limiting your carbon footprint throughout the festive season.
6. Think about sharing your transport when going to parties or shopping with friends.
7. Take a walk in your local area and see the natural delights of winter.

Finally, have fun and take care!

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