Species List

Stanfree Nature List 

During recent wildlife surveys our low road fields were found to contain some ecological delights.

The magnesium limestone landscape comprises mixed deciduous trees, hedgerows, semi improved grassland, agricultural land with brooks, freshwater springs and a large pond.

Hedgerows of significant importance were identified. Along a 30m stretch nine species of trees and shrubs were found which would define the hedgerow as ancient. This is representative of the range of hedgerows on the Low road fields and in our valley.

Species list:

  • Guelder Rose
  • Dog Rose
  • Hawthorn
  • Young Elm tree
  • Elder
  • Ash
  • Privet (Ligustrumsp)
  • Blackthorn / Sloe

Other hedgerow shrubs identified along different hedgerows are Holly, Crab Apple (Malus sp), Hazel and Beech. Scattered mature trees include Oak, Field maple and Ash (healthy, no die back). The unmanaged hedgerows and flora present provide continual safe haven, territory and food (berry’s and seeds) for small birds and mammals. Hedgerow blossoms provide the nectar for butterflies and pollinators.

More to follow about Birds…