With the national trend now showing a firm decline in our butterflies, pollinators, birds and mammals, the outcome could become bleak. However, our mission is to see this does not happen in our Valley.

The state of Nature Report (2016) highlights the significant losses to UK biodiversity since the 1970s. The report focuses of the importance of habitat preservation, protection (e.g. Veteran Trees), creating special spaces for nature (e.g. wildlife corridors) and species recovery (e.g. bats, hedgehogs and water voles).

Stanfree, the Saxon name Stone-Free, is a small village situated in the Bolsover District and stands between Bolsover, Shuttlewood and Clowne. It is a pleasant green and historically important land (both above and below ground) with a perfect view towards Bolsover Castle. It is said to be named after the ‘stand free’ land between two major land-owning families.


The old Appletree Inn which closed in 2008

It is a simple village with the Oxcroft Miners Welfare being the focal point of community activities such as football, rugby and archery.  There is a beautifully kept bowling green and facilities which are used for community meetings and special events.   The local colliery (Oxcroft) was a drift mine and closed in 1974. The old pit tips and stocking grounds (land owners Harworth Estates) have regenerated over time into a micro oasis of significant conservation value, especially for local butterflies including some BAP species such as the Dingy Skipper and Small Heath.