Van Dyke Wood (A619)


You may have already driven along this stretch and seen the devastation to our great trees for the development of housing.
Here, at Stanfree Valley, we appreciate the lives of every single living thing. We placed a bow around this beautiful beech tree (X marks) to show our true love for its life here on earth. A poem was inspired.  



Our Wooden Giant

X. Before they fall your timber to ground,
We would like to bless you with our gratitude.
Over the years, you have offered without a sound,
The clean air we breathe, wildlife with shelter and food.
Etched on your monument are names and memories.
Boasting a girth of 4 meters, planted two hundred years,
With us you fought through war, winds, drought and snow.
It’s a shocking culmination. See our angst and fears,
To be omitted from our landscape, a heap of chips to show.
You were caught up in this place, simply “in the way”,
Suppose in years to come, they will miss you.
But, the penny hasn’t dropped, at least for today. 
Take this ribbon of thanks, we will cry for you.

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