Air Monitoring

It’s been a while since we last published air monitoring results from Stanfree Park.

Every year or so, upon request, our contact sends us a diffusion tube which is placed at the same location by a member of the group. After 4 weeks, the tube is collected from site and returned via post to the lab for analysis. Tube dimensions: 71mm length x 11mm internal diameter

The science – It’s a simple piece of apparatus, an acrylic tube fitted with a grey and a white thermoplastic rubber cap. The grey cap contains the absorbent with Triethanolamine. This reacts with Nitrogen Dioxide molecules in the air. The concentrations of Nitrite ions in the active absorbent are quantitatively determined by UV/ Visible Spectrophotometry at the lab using a standard calibration curve, which gives an accurate reading of concentration in ug/m3.

NO2 diffusion tubes are used for ambient air monitoring. It doesn’t cost a lot but comes out of the club fund. Our local councils do not budget for environmental monitoring, so we take upon ourselves, in the name of community health. The data is also pooled into a citizen science project, which is continually being updated UK wide, making us part of an incredible system of air monitoring reporting and mapping.

How good is that!!!

Love from Stanfree Valley xx

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