Our little tiddlywinks…

Seeing a hedgehog nowadays is rare – only getting a glimpse of a dead one on a busy road of today is the only time some of us see them.  Our humble little hedgehog is on the brink, perhaps even becoming extinct by the next decade?

On the morning of 21st April, I drove along a local road. In the distance, I could see a dead hog – it was my sighting for the year.  About two hundred yards in front, I spotted a rounded shape in the road, a foot away from the curb and I felt the urge to safely stop nearby. A curled up and frightened little hog had balled itself in fear and was frozen. It was no safe place to leave it, so carefully handled it with gloved hands to the refuge of the hedgerow.  

All day that little creature played on my mind. I wondered and worried, then later went to check to see if it was still where I had left it. It was, and it was still alive, but highly vulnerable and perhaps sick. It is not always the best idea to take a wild animal from its home, but I knew it wouldn’t survive without intervention and care.  The hedgehog came home with me that evening in a shoe box full of soft hay.

On close inspection of tiddlywinks, it was clear that she was crippled by black cord that attached itself around here spined body and around her front paws. No wonder she struggled to move! At that point, I took straight forward action to carefully disentangle her from the restriction. After 10 mins of the careful task, she was released. To aid her dehydration, I pipetted water to her thirsty lips. Within an hour, she had come around and was tempting to eat cat food (donated by a neighbour) whilst nestling in the hay.

After spending the evening, I decided the best place for Tiddlywinks would be in proper care. The nearest animal sanctuary offering help was Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary and Wildlife Rescue in Old Whittington.   

An update on Tiddlywinks was posted on their website – and she has over 30 likes so far 👍👍👍

So please pledge a small donation, if you can, to help provide funds for their incredible work to rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife, like our little hedgehog. 

Thank you – Love from Stanfree Valley xx

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