The Big Garden Bird Watch 2020!

Whether you do it from your garden, or local Park, we should be getting out and recording our local wildlife.
If you wish to join us, we are coordinating our own RSPB Bird Walk on Stanfree Park on the Sunday 26th January (meet at 1:30pm).  
Bring clothes to suit the weather conditions on the day.
In order to help wildlife in winter and throughout the year, you could:
1)    Feed the birds (in a safe place) – Fat balls, seeds, dried worms are an ideal combination
2)    Provide clean water for drinking and bathing  – a small pond or simple bird bath
3)    Give Nature a Home – Help provide the habitat, such as shrubs or install bird boxes
4)    Grow bird friendly plants, such as sunflowers which will also be great for pollinators too
5)    Avoid using all artificial chemicals in your garden
For more information visit the RSPB website. There are tips for bird identification and a downloadable bird watch fact sheet.
Hopefully we will see you on the 26th January 😉

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