Coalite Clean-up – April 2019 Update

  • Remediation work to plots 6, 7 and 8 are complete and planning applications are being considered for the plots.
  • The material to be buried under the new plot (4) is still odorous, but is said not to be contaminated (this lies within the proposed HS2 route).
  • The methodological approach to transferring all soil and material on site is said to be slow and steady in order to avoid odour and dust.
  • All materials tested and turned in this way are being monitored and evaluated by The EA.
  • There are no proposals to carry out any works to the river doe lea at any time – with risk of disturbing the river bed.
  • The previous Environment Agency permit has expired, but a new, full permit is said to be issued for the remaining remediation works.
  • The residential scheme is said not to be expected as HS2 route is taking much or the site.
  • A consultation event is expected to update local people of the project and planning applications early this year.


Click here to download the Coalite Regeneration Project Newsletter

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