Welcome 2022!

Welcome 2022!!

We may have had a cold, dark and gloomy winter, but here, at Stanfree Valley, we press on.  We’ve planted some trees at the bottom of the
park. A lovely Horse Chestnut was donated by a lady in the village. We decided to use non-plastic protection and manufactured a wire mesh and post guard, which will hopefully last a good few years.

We hope you like our new banner. It’s the year for trees.  Together, with the Queens Jubilee celebrations, FOE and a local climate change group, we will be planning a local ‘Tree Day’.   So we hope to see you there.

We also will be celebrating our pollinators and have a Bee-keeping demonstration planned on Stanfree Park during the summer holidays (no bees will be at the event!).

Please continue to get in touch (through the contact link and we will get back to you).

Lots of Love
from Stanfree Valley xx

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