Stanfree Valley wishes you Good Health

For something invisible to the human eye, the current impact and heartache caused by Covid-19 is beginning to be unbearable, even to the strongest amongst us. We wished for so much more this year and something like this only occurs in our darkest of dreams.

We can only offer our love and best wishes to you all and hope that this will pass very soon. Our advice is to remain safe and physically away from others. Ensure that surfaces are clean and wash your hands often.

Eat well, allowing for plenty of nutrients that boosts our immunity.
Vitamin C and D (the sunshine vitamin). Zinc, local honey, turmeric and ginger is included in our selection.SAM_1513.JPG

We can look outside our windows and see the pleasures of springtime, hear our garden birds sing and the bees buzz.

Although we may be apart from our loved ones at this time, we can remain emotionally connected. Write, talk, present your love with pictures.

Stay strong and take the best of care.

Stanfree Valley.


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