Aren’t vegetables great!

People become vegetarian for a number of reasons, which might include moving to a more adventurous and wholesome diet, for environmental reasons, including animal rights or just because switching to this diet is a cost effective way to feed our families! Overall, there are at least three very good reasons.  
Often Quorn can be used in some meals to supplement meat; the carbon footprint of QuornMince is 70% less than that of beef. It is also a cheaper alternative to meat and can be added to make the perfect chilli con carne or spag bol if you don’t want to use all vegetables.       
Vegetables (fruits and nuts) contain really beneficial essential vitamins, nutrients, essential fats and proteins, iron, zinc . . . .  the list is endless!
If you don’t feel you can go veggie all at once, then try two or three days per week and build on that. Many people are semi vegetarians and it works well for them.
The resources (below) from the Vegetarian Society might help you if you’re unsure what dishes to cook. The list of good meals from simple vegetables is endless, so step into a healthier and sustainable summer and enjoy the goodness of nature.
Should you want to “Grow your Own”, young vegetable plants can be bought from 61, Low Road Nurseries (between Clowne and Stanfree) – ENJOY!  

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