What’s happening at Coalite?

What’s happening at the Coalite Site?
You may have seen a little more activity on site over the last month following a quiet period over the winter. Hopefully Bolsover Land Limited will be publishing a communications letter with updates and site information soon. The Council’s In touch magazine will have an update on Coalite and this should be going out to residences and businesses in the next week or so.
Work had been halted for a couple of months over winter for a few of reasons and in addition to reforming a new permit from the Environment Agency for works on the other side of Buttermilk lane and further. You can clearly see that the plastic sheets still cover areas of earth as part of the bioremediation process on site. The mounds continue to be turned and sampled every few weeks or more. There are mitigation strategies in place to reduce them (e.g. In high and low wind it has been agreed with EA and EHO that no turning will take place as winds seem to have an impact on odour levels) but critically, odours have been reported to be coming from site. Third party monitoring of odours and particulates is still being carried out to ensure levels remain safe.
We are awaiting news / Spring update soon from Bolsover Land Limited. The winter Newsletter can be accessed from:

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