Let’s talk about plastics…

Billions of metric tonnes of plastics have been produced since 1951. Most plastic wastes end up in the environment as either landfill or in our oceans (microplastics for example) as reported last week. Less than 10% is recycled and a small percentage is burned. The problem with plastics in our environment is they kill. They snare innocent creatures, are unintentionally swallowed (leading to death) and enter the food chain.

Plastic manufacture, plastic use and plastic waste material is carcinogenic (a cancer-causing agent) to every single living organism. They persist in the environment indefinitely, taking hundreds, potentially thousands of years to degrade.

Monopoly companies thrive on our so-called need for plastics, the government sit there laughing, reaping the rewards. One multi-billion-pound petrochemicals company, extract Ethylene and Propylene (known as polymers) by fracturing shale gas from beneath us. You’ve probably seen them around? Its company now expanding capacity and yielding multibillion dollar acquisitions, getting richer and richer. We’ve heard it all before, haven’t we?

But, can you believe this – most of the plastics we use and discard can be eliminated, substituted, reduced or reused? The market forces us to buy plastics. Most items we buy come in plastic containers! This is just silliness.

Now, let’s talk common sense and ask some questions:

Why isn’t our government protecting us and laying hard, whopping tariffs on fat cat conglomerates out to taint and poison all of us and our environment?

Why isn’t our government embracing innovative, alternative ideas such as deposit – return schemes and more sustainable methods of containment?

Money VS human health and Environment??

With exemption of pharmaceutical and medical applications, we can live without the use of most everyday plastics if we tried.

This is a brilliant start: www.myplasticfreelife.com/plasticfreeguide/ and there are other links too.

Costa Coffee at Markham Vale (29A) now sell reusable, travel mugs. They also offer £0.25p off drinks every time you use it! Excellent News.

This is what we need, Let’s inspire and share ideas.

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