Coalite Update – 28th June 2017

Coalite Community Liaison Group Meeting Minutes: 28th June 2017 @ 6:30pm

Progress to date / Planned work and Issues. Points raised –

  • All works of soil treatment have been completed (14/06/2017) – total volume of soils treated or awaiting treatment is 10, 000 cubic meters.
  • Stockpiling of odour soils – work on scraping and turning of the soils will be underway in the next week or so, which will lead to increased odours in the immediate area.
  • Larger stockpiles of treatment soils will be made, this will reduce the surface area and therefore odours.
  • As time passes, the stockpiles will be broken down into more manageable heaps.
  • Turning frequency is yet unknown but dependent on weather – wind direction (towards receptors i.e. Shuttlewood). Turning will be done as quickly as possible to minimise exposure.
  • There have been some complaints (odour nuisance) in the last few days, this is firstly due to increased disturbance and perhaps the weather (Damp / fog conditions).
  • Remediated soils will be reused in the construction process further down the line.
  • Rain and surface water soon becoming a problem. Up to 28/06/2017, a total of 1.5 million Liters of contaminated liquid has been removed from site.
  • Surface water management is still high priority for everyone involved.
  • All hot spot soils have been moved over to treatment area.
  • As the remediation progresses, odours will continually be noticed, as expected from a site of this nature.
  • Data from “The Frog” air sampler – 179 air samples have been taken since the purchase of the equipment, although unavailable at the moment. It accurately measures SVOCs and VOCs.
  • Work on the other side of the road (Buttermilk lane) is to be started soon. The Effluent Treatment Plant being the initial focus of further investigation and monitoring before anything happens.
  • Interest from outside companies has been shown in land purchase post remediation with a potential to create up to 1500 more jobs in the area.
  • Environmental Health dept., EA and Public Health are continually monitoring and advising on all aspects of work.


Next meeting, unless scheduled otherwise is in August.


Click here to download the PDF version – Coalite Update June 2017

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