Coalite Meeting Update – 30/3/17

CLG Meeting minutes / notes from 30th March 2017 – @ 6:30pm Arkwright Centre.

Progress to date / Planned work and Issues. Points raised –

  • There has been a reduction in activities over the last couple of weeks.
  • Bolsover Land Ltd are re-assessing the methods being used in the cleanup operation at this stage.
  • Works will commence on and after 17th April, this will enable the ground to rest.
  • More controlled and smaller areas will be targeted in the next stage.
  • This will include the areas of hot spots for contamination and will consider environmental factors such as wind direction and weather change bringing warmer and dryer conditions.
  • Soils treatment area continues to “work”, however residual odours continue to be emitted.
  • Odour sheets still haven’t been removed yet, this will have massive impact on odour peak when they are lifted.
  • Standing water (colour of pink) has resided slightly, dry weather is helping to reduce generation of waste water.
  • There have been fewer complaints over the last few weeks. (phone calls EA, local authorities, face book).
  • Total of 45 recorded complaints. There are 17 isolated / one off calls and 28 are reoccurring complaints.
  • The EA have found no impact to air and water and have tested the River Doe Lea.
  • Completion date (delayed) perhaps around June 2017, but this will be reviewed during the measured and forthcoming stages.
  • The water treatment plant has not been touched yet. This may be one of those other challenges.
  • Media coverage / website / newsletters on the project and clean up reports including photos (before and after) to illustrate the process are currently being placed onto the DCC and Bolsover Land Ltd websites.
  • Site visit with the Community Liaison Group was useful, Photos taken to represent the scale and progression of cleanup are posted on
  • A series of public site visits will be scheduled over the weeks to come. These are taken via the Bolsover Land Ltd website and through contacting Alun Hayes (Bolsover Land Ltd / Marcol).
  • The Bolsover Civic Society meeting held in March was useful with attendance of 25 people.
  • Next meeting End of April 2017 for further updates.

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